Amazon Affiliate Website

$249.00/1 time payment


  • ✔️The website will be preloaded with your desired niche.
  • ✔️Affiliate commission model, which means there is no inventory headache.
  • ✔️Very user friendly Wordpress experience.
  • ✔️Authoritative e-commerce design.
  • ✔️Newbie friendly.
  • ✔️Logo is included.
  • ✔️Automated blogging & social posting featureLearn more
  • ✔️Full support from us! Contact us anytime.

Amazon associates program lets website owners earn commissions by promoting the products that are sold on Amazon. All you need is an associates account. And it’s free to sign up!

The commission for Amazon products starts at 4% and increases with the number of monthly sales. If you direct visitors to the Amazon website via your affiliate link all products that will be ordered within 24 hours will be credited to your account. This means that you will get commission also for items not directly advertised on your site. With the plugin you can either make Amazon products as dropship products and dropship on Amazon by adding desired markup on the products by 1 click. Or you can leave them as affiliate products and earn passive income via Amazon. It’s up to you..

Automated Blogging and Social Posting

WordPress stores come with an automated blogging feature that generates niche related content from Youtube and publishes them on your website. Then these posts are automatically shared on your website’s Facebook and Twitter pages. This is an excellent way to generate social traffic to your website.

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